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Spring Roll

fried spring wonton filled with chicken, carrot & black fungus.

Pand’or Escargot

baked with garlic butter sauce served with french bread.

Calamary Fritti

deep fried breaded squid served with tartar sauce.

Age Dashi Tofu

fried Japanese silk tofu served in a hot tentsuyu sauce.


Main Course

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mushroom | asparagus | tomato | corn

Salmon Steak

salmon glazed with black pepper served with baby potatoes.

Pand'or Steak

beef tenderloin with blue cheese butter served with french fries.


stewed sliced beef, tofu & vegetables served in a hot pot.

Crispy Chicken Salad

mix lettuces, carrot, cucumber, tomato and koji cheese with honey mustard dressing, served in bed of tortilla.

Angel Hair Aglio Olio

garlic, olive oil and chilli flakes with your choice of tuna / chicken | salmon / prawn | scallop


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Choco Churros

traditional Spanish fried dough pastry served with chocolate dipping sauce.

Waffle Delight

homemade waffle served with mix fruits and vanilla ice cream.


Try our signature Salted Coffee Caramel
only at Pand'or Wijaya.

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Egg Benedict

beef luncheon & poached egg on a toasted brioche, smothered in our homemade truffle sauce.

Spanish Omelette

egg and potato pancake.

Salmon Scrambled Egg

served with mix salad.

Smashed Avocado on Toast

with poached egg.

Continental Breakfast

two eggs any style, served with sausage, hasbrown & toast.


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